Monday, January 31, 2011

Robert's 10th Birthday!

Breakfast of ham & eggs looks like 10

Candles on a cupcake display is interesting
Well the past week has been a little busy, but in the middle we landed on Robert's birthday and he has now reached the double digits of 10. He had a special breakfast that was the number 10, he had a birthday supper (and then soccer practice) and cupcakes for his birthday because he had ordered his cake from Nanny for the weekend when the family got together.  He wanted a family tree birthday cake, which thanks to Nanny turned out very cool, even though it was a tough subject to work with. I decorated the pole in the kitchen with brown paper and added green balloons with family members names for his family tree. Then on Saturday after soccer we had a little get together for cake & ice cream. Happy 10th Birthday Robert!

Robert's Family Tree Cake
Thanks Nanny!

Happy Birthday to you....

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