Sunday, May 10, 2015

Welcome Wyatt!

The month of April really slipped away from us here as we prepared for the arrival of our new bundle of Joy, but to our surprise, he decided to come on his time schedule about 3 1/2 weeks early. The morning of April 25, Wyatt was born. The little guy had a few problems and by Sunday afternoon he had been visited by family and was then prepared for his first flight- Stat Medivac- to Hamot NICU. This was very scary for all of his family. Gary and I were able to go to Hamot and the other 2 boys went with my mom home. We ended up spending 10 days in Erie with the little guy under the UV lights, getting antibodics, having blood tests for platelet counts. It was a very stressful situation but thankfully he is home and seems to be growing. He then had 2 days of appointments at Children' s Hospital. The first day he had casts put on his feet for his clubbed feet and he had an ultrasound performed. On Friday we went to meet with the Dr that was reading the ultrasound. Currently nothing to worry about with his heart or kidneys. Will check both in 6 months to confirm that nothing changed in the wrong direction and that things are fine.

all in all the end of April was not what we expected - at all- but we have a wonderful baby boy to add to our family! Welcome Wyatt!