Monday, January 31, 2011

Recycled Magazine boxes

Starting box

The angle on the top to the side

All year long, I have baskets sitting around my house collecting magazines. But at the beginning of each year, I try to sort through the magazines and see if there are ones that I want to keep. Gary & I both get magazines that have full sized patterns in them for woodworking and quilting, so I try to keep those that have ones that we want to use - someday. I also keep ALL of my Family Fun Magazines because it is easier to hand the boys a couple of magazines for ideas for Halloween costumes or Valentine's rather than searching the internet. 

Well, it was time to sort the magazines and attempt to organize them, but magazine files or holders are getting expensive, so this year, I took several cereal boxes (the big ones) and cut them into magazine files. You simply take a box, and cut a diagonal across the widest part of the box  from the corner to about 4 inches from the bottom, on both sides and then cut across the end to make those 2 sides match up.

You can then fill the boxes with books and they will stand so that you can read the spines. I have also added contact paper or wrapping paper to dress the boxes up a little bit. This is when I made these for the boys and they were out where people might see them.

The box with magazines in it
The spines and the box will sit upright

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