Friday, September 2, 2016

Back to school idea

Ok I know I need to post a fair wrap up, and I will, but fair and back to school were very close together this year. But I wanted to share a new idea that started in my house this school year by accident.

Robert is attending the career center for automotive technology. The first 3 days of school, he walked in the door and somewhere in the first 15 minutes, he would be like "hey did you know....", " or guess what I learned today...." Well this was the first time in several years that I didn't have to ask "how was school" and get "fine". So on the forth day I looked at him and asked for my " knowledge nugget" for the day. He then told me something that he had learned in the auto shop. So I asked what was he learning  at our regular high school. He replied, "not really." At dinner that night I then challenged both of the boys, to daily bring home a "knowledge nugget" and I would keep track, at the end of the week there would be some type of reward. I did ask that Robert bring home a "nugget" from both schools. Much to my surprise and pleasure, both boys have brought me home a knowledge nugget each day this week, plus they bring it up. I am delighted to hear, "hey mom do you want to hear my knowledge nugget?" And I am ready! I've heard more about school this week than I think I did all of last year, without prodding!