Sunday, January 16, 2011

Children's Sermon - Hot or Cold?

Danger Zone graphic

Today we had a guest speaker at our church. I had prepared for the Children's Sermon by asking about the scripture that the speaker would be using.  The following is the Children's Sermon that came from the scripture used by the speaker.

"Good Morning! So today we are going to talk about food. You all like food right? Well how do you like mashed potatoes and gravy - cold? How about ice cream that has been in the microwave for a minute? It's that how we should eat those foods? No, are you sure? So you think potatoes and gravy should be hot and ice cream cold? Well, you are right.

Did you know that there are certain temperatures that food should be served at? (Holding up the picture on the right) What is this a picture of? A thermometer, you are right, but this is a special thermometer. It is the food safety scale or thermometer. And it is showing me that from 40 degrees to 140 degrees is the Danger Zone. Hum, why would that be the danger zone? I know that I like it when it is about 60 degrees outside. Yes, that is a germ on the poster and that is the temperature that germs like the best to grow and make people sick. But did you know that God used this same temperature range in the Bible?  In Revelations 3:16 it says ' So, because you are lukewarm- neither hot or cold- I am about to spit you out of my mouth.'

See God only wants people who are hot for him. Those are people who are excited and fully committed to serving the Lord. Those who say "oh I'll do that today but not that" are people who are lukewarm and God wants to spit you out. And those that are cold to God means that they are either non believers or are part of Satan's gang. So let us stay hot or excited to serve God. WE do not want to be the people that God is spitting out. And when we see this Food Safety thermometer remember that anything below the "Danger Zone sign" is really a dangerous place to be with God."

We closed with prayer and then the kids were given envelops of hot chocolate mix so they could find "hot" water to mix it up with.

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