Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pastor Appreciation Month

It's not too late to be thinking about Pastor Appreciation month! October has been set aside as Pastor Appreciation month - so have you told your Pastor "Thank You"? There are a couple of ways to thank your pastor, it all depends on your relationship with your pastor and their family and your family budget. You could offer to watch their children for an evening out if they have children. Maybe a gift card to their favorite restaurant or bookstore. A handwritten thank you note goes a long way that you took the time to say "thanks". You could deliver coffee & cookies or donuts to the office one morning or try to find a way to bless your pastor once a week or 1 day a week throughout the month. I know there is only 2 days left of October, but it is never too late to say THANK YOU! We are having a little fun with our Pastor this year, with it being near Halloween and making sure he gets his share of candy, here is our Pastor Poem. Where appropriate there is a candy bar included in the gift bag! Make sure you take the time to say Thank You!!!

This may not be a 100 Grand, a Mint or Payday,
But we have something we would like to say.
You have given us a few Snickers in your sermons.
You have improved our Bible Smarts
We have Leaped for Joy (Frogs)
You've helped us think beyond the Milky Way.
For these things we are Beary Thankful.
Thanks for being our Pastor!
Hugs & Kisses,

Our gift bag will include the following: A 100 Grand candy bar, A York Peppermint Patty, A Payday candy bar, A Snickers candy bar, A handful of Smarties, A bag of Gummy Frogs, A Milky Way candy bar, a bag of Gummy Bears and a bag of Hershey Kisses. A really simple, but a fun way to say Thank You!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Salem Township Halloween Events

Salem Township will be having Trick or Treat from 5-7 on October 27 (Saturday) with a Community Halloween Party to follow at 7pm at the Community Building. There will be treats for all of those in costume. Costume judging will be conducted along with games and treats. A good time is to be had! Hope you can Make it!!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Conclussion of 4-H year

Tonight was the final awards for this 4-H year (I think). Robert had turned in his books for the Development Committee and Farm Credit Awards. He received 3 awards for his project books. One for his Dairy book, one for his Goat book and one for his Fire Safety book (which was in community development category)  So he received a little bit of money this evening. We are very proud of his achievements this year. Nice Job Robert!  Now to see what he has planned for next year.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Diaper Cakes

Sometimes the best part about being invited to baby showers is getting those creative juices flowing. I had that opportunity this past week.  I started making just a diaper cake. I had made one before and it wasn't too difficult, so I figured a simple 3 layered cake would be fun. And so I made the simple diaper cake.

But something didn't seem complete. So I was looking around on Pinterest at other diaper cakes and then the light bulb kicked on. The grandpa(to be) of this little one is a mechanic and a tow truck driver. And what little boy doesn't love - MATER the tow truck? So here was the idea, but how to pull it off. Well, my friend, Kellie stopped in and offered her assistance on Monday and we ended up with the basic shape before she left. Then it was the outside coloring and wheels. The coloring came from 2 flannel blankets, that I made so they were close to the right color. And then the wheels. After several attempts that made it look like a monster truck, after several phone calls to friends to give suggestions,  I figured it out that the wheels went into the fenders and that they had to come up over the blankets for the correct shape. So here is my MATER in diaper cake form!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

First Cub Scout Meeting

In his uniform and ready for his first Cub Scout Meeting
This week, Garrett got to start the path into Scouting. He attended his first Cub Scout meeting. He had been counting down for 5 days until he got to go to the meeting and wear his uniform- just a little excited! His den has 25 boys, hopefully they all stay involved and have a great time. The Pack has about 50 boys, so we are off to a great year.

Flag Football Mid Season

Flag Football season is half over and I have only taken pictures a couple of days because we have been sitting in the rain on a regular basis! With the rain it seems that Garrett easily finds as much mud as possible. The boys are both improving and enjoying the game of football this fall.
I might know why he didn't make that catch...hmmm

Ready, set...

I will catch him
After a game - lots of mud, it was even on his face and in his ears,
 but he had 3 touchdowns this evening!!!

Where's the ball?


HE ran faster than I thought - ran right in/out of picture

Going in for the touchdown!
 Both boys have made a few touchdowns so far and are doing great. Thanks to the coaches from the Keystone area for letting these kids have a great time while learning about the game. Thanks!