Saturday, October 31, 2015

Making Apple Cider

We have been blessed with a large amount of apples this fall, which is awesome since last year we had very few because of a late frost. Since we had all of these apples it was time to pull out the apple press that my parent's own and get to work. We start by washing the apples off, this is sometimes given to the littlest helper as long as they "control" the hose without getting everyone else wet.

Then they crank the grinder(at the back and I missed the picture). This grinds the apples into tiny pieces and it falls into the wooden barrel with the slats. We then slide the barrel to the front of the press and turn the screw which starts to squeeze the juice right out of the apples.

 Delicious apple cider begins to drip or run into a bucket at the end of the press.

We then strain the cider through cheese cloth to prevent any apple pieces from getting into the finished product. Then we jug the cider into jugs for friends and family.
Delicious fresh apples cider- warm or cold it is delicious!!!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2015