Friday, June 12, 2015

First Time to Camp

Garrett hasn't been able to concentrate on much this week- because he was getting ready for his first time at 4-H Camp and he could hardly hold his excitement in! He got everything packed 2 days in advance and then kept asking if it was Thursday or if it was time. Granted he does know his days of the week and he does know how to tell time- but he kept checking. So yesterday was the day and I dropped him and Robert off at 4-H Camp- it doesn't seem possible that he is old enough for this...
I hope that he makes as good of friends at 4-H Camp as I have made- they have been with me throughout the rest of my life (so far)!  Have a good time G-man!


Robert has spent the last few months attending Confirmation classes to become a member of the Knox United Methodist Church. This past Sunday he made his commitment to the church. He and 5 others joined the church. I was very proud of his decision and the steps he takes in his faith. He continues to amaze me and I don't know what God has planned for him, but I'm certain it is something special!
The Confirmation Class

Robert and Pastor Dave

Last Day of School

With all the changes in our lives in the last few months, some things didn't change.
The end of the school year has come and gone and last day of school pictures have been taken. There was a young man that for 8th grade that morning  but his baby brother prevented a picture to be taken. But I got him coming home as he will be a sophomore next year. That hardly seems possible that he will be in 9th grade and starting to prepare for college or trade school or whatever he decides he is doing. But many have not recognized him as he is becoming a young man.
Robert coming home from 8th grade

And then there was Garrett- already for his last day of 3rd grade. This is a big moment at Keystone too because when you move into 4th grade at Keystone you get to move upstairs! This is always a big deal! Granted with a new little one at home, Garrett almost missed the bus on the last day of school- so we took his picture with the window when he came home:) So I had 2 kiddos finish off the school year and they were excited about the upcoming summer!

Garrett arriving home and getting our picture taken that we missed in the morning.

Garrett arriving home

Meeting a Few of my Aunts

On one of Wyatt's Dr Appointments trips in May, Wyatt had the opportunity to meet Aunt Laura- she was thrilled to hold him at Grandma's but the girls were not quite so happy that they were not able to be along with her.

The following day Aunt Caren arrived home of a few days and got to meet Wyatt at a 4-H meeting and then at the Kids Club dinner she held Wyatt for a while. So all in one weekend he had the chance to meet a few more of his family!

Boy is he going to be spoiled!