Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Reading Bags

Our local Library has a great resource for preschool children, but it kind of stops at that age. They have reading backpacks. These backpacks have several books, an activity and maybe a movie that all relate to a theme. Well Garrett wanted one of these book bags, but was disappointed in the themes offered. So after thinking for a little while, I decided that each week, I could easily make him a backpack that was themed from the things that we have here at home. This way maybe he will read some of the books that get missed and play with some of the things that he has forgotten about. I can also sneak in some writing , coloring and learning activities.

This week's backpack theme - FIRE TRUCKS AND SAFETY
I pulled 4 great books off the shelf - Nippy the Fire Dog, Big Frank's Fire Truck,  Tonka Fire Truck to the Rescue & The Magic School bus Gets All Fired Up (A Fire Safety Story)

I then checked out our drawer of videos and DVDs and found 2 which I added to the bag - "There goes a Fire Truck" & "Firehouse Dog"

Then an activity which I could have added several but I turned to the puzzles and we have 2 puzzles that are Fire Trucks and I dropped both of those in. One is a big floor puzzle from Melissa and Doug and the other was a little more challenging with 60 pieces.

Garrett is thrilled with his themed backpacks and I am too as it get him thinking in different areas and using some of the stuff that gets put on a shelf and forgotten.

I will try to add the other themes as I get them pulled together.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Hike

Gary had to work both milkings of Father's Day, plus VBS program and picking Robert up at 4-H Camp, but we worked in a little hike and a picnic lunch in between all of that. We went geocaching at Mineral Springs Park in Emlenton. This was a very nice, short hike, but beautiful! We also worked in a little local history - Quaker State and the oil industry. If you get a chance give it a try, the hike was great. We even missed the rain !!! Happy Father's Day Gary- Hope you enjoyed it!!!

BE Strong and Courageous VBS Pictures

Am I a Clown???

Tying Prayer blankets

Practicing being an angel
Garrett singing at the closing program

Those that attended the closing program in the "Big Top"
My Strong and Courageous Boys

Friday, June 15, 2012


Tonight will be the last night of our "Be Strong and Courageous VBS" IT has been an awesome week with 64 kids one night and registered we have 77 registered. The kids are having a great time, and they are telling others the Bible stories that they are hearing. I have seen God at work this week with the children and it has been incredible VBS program is Sunday morning at 10:15am - Come see what the kids have learned!

Monday, June 11, 2012

VBS Day 1

Today was the first evening of our "Be Strong and Courageous" VBS and it went great. We had 58 kids and if I counted correctly almost 40 helpers. Today's lesson was about Daniel in the Lions Den. As I thought about this lesson tonight I continue to wonder "Are we courageous enough to pray to God even when others might be looking or trying to trip us up?" When put to the test will be take our stand and maybe be different? I hope that at VBS tonight the kids got a sense of what Daniel did and the example that he set for us.

I want to thank ALL the adult helpers that have pulled together the different areas, the decorating, the teachers and class helpers, just everyone involved big or small - I give praise for each of you because without you VBS just wouldn't be the same:)

We will be back tomorrow night at the church from 6-8:30 if you are local and would want to come join the circus!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Backyard Campout

Now that school is out and the rain has stopped the boys decided to have a camp out last night. Robert had pitched the tent and Garrett was all into sleeping out. They both made it through the night and were up with the sun. Now if you camp out you also have to have breakfast outdoors. Robert wanted to try something new, so we tried omelets in the pie iron. I don't mind cooking over the fire, and I do know how, but the boys do not have as much experience. So they got up and had the wood collected and together we got a fire going. We put the grate over the fire ring and then mixed up the 1/2 dozen eggs and a little bit of water and salt and pepper. We greased the pie irons, poured in our egg mixture, added a slice of ham and a little cheese. Then carefully set the pie iron on the grate and tried to keep it level.

This is what a 1/2 cooked omelet looks like, it had puffed up and looked great! We made up all of the omelets and had our outdoor breakfast. The boys thought this was an excellent way to start the day and are now looking forward to other pie iron recipes to try

Robert decided that this was fun and easy - it received 2 thumbs up!

Our pie iron omelet - Yum!