Thursday, February 14, 2013

Franklin on Ice

Last weekend, we took the boys up to Franklin for their annual ice sculptures in the park. This year's theme was "The Arts" and they were beautiful. I did for get my camera, but I had my phone which worked for 1 photo because it was dark, but they were beautiful!! There was a full size ballerina, a trumpet, A carriage, a painters palette, saxophones, , I don't remember the rest, but they added color changing lights this year. They were so cool!!! Another great job by Franklin  on Ice!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Garrett's Baby Goats

Today was the day - the arrival of Garrett's baby goats. His goat had twins. They arrived sometime between 1pm and 3pm, as when I went to check on her on my way to pick-up Andrew off the bus, low and behold there were 2 little kids needing taken care of. So I quickly went to work cleaning them up and taking care of them and their mother. Then off to get Andrew. Then back to take care of little ones and wait for the bus for Garrett to come home so he could see his little ones. IT is so neat to be able to enjoy God at work when there is a birth.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Beginning of Indoor Soccer season

Garrett is playing indoor soccer this winter and we are now 2 games into the season. He is still learning the game but has a great time playing. This year he is the blue tie dyed team and has orange shoestrings.

Robert's 12th birthday

Well you can tell that Robert is getting older and involved, because he wasn't even home for his birthday. He celebrated his 12th birthday with the Boy Scouts at the Klondike derby- which it sounds like he had a blast at.  So today we had his birthday lunch and he got to open a few gifts, but some are being held until we can get family together. But overall, I think he had a good fun birthday! Happy Birthday Robert - love you!

Well I am finally getting pictures posted of Robert's birthday! We were able to get some of the family together for pizza and cake and ice cream a few days after his birthday. Amazing how kids grow so quickly.