Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Zookies (zucchini cookies)

Earlier this spring, I tried this recipe called zookies as I was trying to find recipes that my boys would eat that included zucchini. This recipe I found on Family Fun and the boys loved them and we have made them a couple of times. So I thought I would share the link for "Zookies"

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Discussing 9/11

Recently Robert decided that he was going to read the book "I Survived The Attack of September  11, 2001"  ( you can check amazon for this book)which I thought was a great idea and timing, but when he finished it this week, he had questions as he was only 9 months old when it happened. As he asked questions, Garrett had looked at the cover of the book and then he asked questions about "Well what is 9/11?" "Why would they do that?" and "How did the towers fall?" When he started to ask these questions, it dawned on me that the school wasn't really discussing this topic (which Robert confirmed for me) and that neither of them had seen the events of the day. So we discussed it a over a couple of days this week. We have magazines from that 9/2001 that we pulled out and looked at the pictures and the stories and then we searched 9/11 videos.  As we sat here by the computer, watching the events, I tried to explain what we knew when it happened, how scary it was and some of the aftermath.
I Survived the Attacks of September 11th, 2001 (I Survived, Book 6)
IT was a very god learning experience, but I made sure that we had lots of time (not a deadline) so that we could discuss as much as the kids wanted to. If you haven't discussed this with your kids, you might want to take that opportunity. It was a good time of discussion, learning and sharing. It let me boys know that I am real and that yes I was scared that day. And most importantly that we will be okay.

This book was a good starting point and maybe we should have read it together all three of us, but I'm not sure that Garrett was ready for separating the fiction and the real life events. But remember we were there and experienced the tragedy but our kids maybe weren't even twinkles in our eyes or were too small to even know that anything had happened.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Studying Spelling Words

Well we have started off this year on the right foot, but I have been required to remember ways to make spelling fun for Garrett. Since this is the first year for him to have spelling words, I have to go back into the "vault" and see if I can remember some of the fun ways that I used for Robert to study his spelling words.  I have also thinking about how Garrett has learned his letters and numbers and how to take those ideas to spelling. So here are a few that we have tried so far and Garrett has had fun practicing.

Magnetic Letters on the refrigerator
Dry Erase Board (just using a different surface makes it fun)
Color writing ( Pick 3 colors of markers and have them write the words in different colors)
Scrabble Tiles
Crayola Washable Window Markers or Crayons

Ways that we want to try yet:
Shaving Cream( )
Writing in the sand
Rubber Stamping the words

We have had fun with moving the letters around to see how we can change 1 word to another. With spelling words like pig, pin, win. It has been easy so far, but I am always looking for ways to make learning FUN!

PA State Jr Dairy Show

Got home last night from a weekend in Harrisburg with Robert and his calf Dazzle at the State 4-H Show. It was a busy, crazy fun weekend (with a few frustrations) but a good experience for him. On Saturday he showed in the Spring calf class and placed 10th out of 14. 

Then on Sunday he participated in the National Jr. Showmanship Contest. There were 440 kids (under the age of 21) showing in the contest. There were approximately 160 Jr's (8-11 year olds) divided into 8 heats. Robert showed but wasn't pulled for the next level. He wasn't disappointed, just excited that he had participated in such a big show and he got to show in both the Equine Arena and the Large Arena at the Farm Show Complex.

Dazzle returned to Cochranton following the show and we packed up and headed for home after the boys went swimming at the hotel for a bit. We ate an early supper and the boy's slept almost the whole way home.

The "Barn Crew"

Robert in the 4-H Show on Saturday

4-H Show

The whole class that Robert competed in

Andrew in the State 4-H Show

And and Panda Paw in the 4-H show

Andrew showing in the showmanship on Sunday

Robert in the Showmanship Contest on Sunday

Andrew and Panda Paws    Robert and Dazzle 

The kids at State 4-H Dairy Show
So ends Robert's 2012 4-H year (I think), he is already checking out projects for next year and we have 1 goat expecting in late November/early December. Here's to next year!!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

District Dairy 4-H Show

Robert & Andrew up at 5am and going to take on the world...

Getting Andrew ready...

Getting Panda Paw Ready...
Getting Dazzle's topline done
Robert practicing right before show...

Robert in for Showmanship - received a Blue ribbon

Andrew in for Showmanship- received a Red Ribbon

Garrett and Haylee keeping the calves company while waiting for the next class

Robert in for Type class- placed 5th and blue ribbon to qualify for States
Andrew placed 1st and blue ribbon to qualify for States.
Also received Jr Champion Holstein

.Robert and Andrew with earnings

Sunday, September 2, 2012

First Day of School

This year I sent off 2 boys to school, one in 1st grade and 1 in 6th. Oh how the time flies. We have had some bus changes in the district and the boys now get on the bus at 8:35-8:40am. They are trying to adjust to the extra time that they have in the mornings, but we are still working on that. Both seemed to have a really good first day except for the bus ride, which isn't really any longer than before, just at a different time. They didn't get home from school until 5pm on Monday, by Thursday they were home at 4:50pm. That might take some getting use to!