Thursday, January 20, 2011

Recycled Christmas Thank you's

Right after Christmas, a blog that I follow, Teach mama, posted the following where she talks about letting her children cut the wrapping paper as a great way to practice cutting. She also includes ribbons and bows. Well I loved her post, but Garrett wanted to know "why are we cutting the paper into shapes?" Fortunately I was prepared for this question and had figured out that if we cut the shapes out into circles (that worked best for our wrapping paper) that we could then create snowglobe Christmas thank you notes. These turned out great and not only did we practice cutting with Garrett, but we also were able to recycle some wrapping paper and make nice thank you's.
All we did was use a glue stick to glue down a brown piece of paper to look like the base of a snowglobe and then added the circle cut from the used wrapping paper. I did ever so lightly, iron the wrapping paper after cutting it to get out any little wrinkles that were in it.

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