Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Garrett's 5th Birthday

Happy Birthday Garrett!!! We celebrated Garrett's birthday a few days early because of other things on the calendar. But last evening we had a a couple of his friends over and we played games, ate, had a hay ride, opened gifts and ate cake. A John Deere tractor with a chisel plow was a big hit (thanks Nanny!) the kids seemed to have a fun night.

Garrett with his new book from Aunt Caren-
she reads it to him! Very Cool!

An Aunt Caren Shirt

A super airplane that Garrett is all into

Yum Popsicles!
Boy these are heavy!

Dinner with friends

Oh, what's in here?

And we are off for our hayride

Blowing out the candles - check out that tractor and chisel plows!!!

God's Training Camp VBS

Garrett and his team practicing their Team Cheer

This year's VBS at Knox United Methodist Church, was "God's Training Camp" and each day was a different sport theme.  The kids had a great time and the mission project was to raise money for tornado victims in Alabama and Missouri.
After learning about the Armor of God and how it is like a football uniform-
Robert tried on the uniform- GRRR! Doesn't he look mean?

Vacation to Washington DC & Williamsburg, VA

OKay ,life is slowing down a bit so at the beginning of June we had the opportunity for a trip to Williamsburg, VA with Gary's Family. Well we added 2 days in Washington DC on the way down. We stayed right in DC, so we could walk everywhere we wanted to go to. We actually walked the entire mall plus around the tidal basin. Things have changed since I was last there (granted that was years ago) but the boys really enjoyed it. I remember as a kid not getting to go up the Washington Monument because it was such a long wait. Well the wait is no longer. You can get free tickets (if you go early!) that are time stamped and then you go to the base of the monument at the assigned time. This was really cool, because it was VERY hot when we were there and waiting could have been a patient tester! Unfortunately the reflecting pool is drained for reconstruction so it wasn't as pretty there as it is with the pool.

The Boys with the Washington Monument
the first stop in DC

Across the tidal basin with the Washington Monument

After seeing Washington DC, we went to the National Cathedral & Arlington and the boys were very impressed with the Changing of the Guards. Plus we went and found Ross McGinnis's grave - a young man from the Knox area who gave his life for our country.
We then traveled to Williamsburg, VA and met up with the rest of Gary's family. We spent a day at Colonial Williamsburg, a day at the Beach and a day in Jamestown Settlement.

The Changing of the Guards at Arlington Cemetery

Garrett in the Largest Sandbox he has ever seen!
The Cousins that we spent the week with
Robert in trouble again!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Busy Month and fun idea for vacations

Okay school was out here on June 1st and it has been continual, non-stop go since Robert got out of school. We spent the first weekend in Washington DC with the boys, on our way to Williamsburg,VA for a week's vacation with Gary's family. This was a fun week, with Laura Ann & Conrad's family, Brian & Tammy's family and Grandma & Grandpap. When we returned from vacation, we started right into Vacation Bible School at our church and I was the director. It went very well and there will be more posted on it later. On Thursday of this week, Robert went to 4-H camp. So now that Robert is home, VBS & vacation is over, I thought I might have a chance to but a bit on here. There will be a few photos from the past week's events, but here is a fun and simple idea for the kids for while they are on vacation.

Robert and Garrett have been taking quarters and pennies with them places for a few years now. They are collecting pressed pennies from the places that they have visited anytime that we can find the penny press machines. These are not only cheap and easy to travel with, but they are also simple to keep and provide a great keepsake. If you are looking for a frugal vacation keepsake, check out the website  http://www.pennycollector.com/ you can see if the locations that you are planning to visit offers pressed pennies and how many different pictures that are available.