Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gingerbread Houses in January?!?!?

I was away this weekend and the boys went to my Mom's. Now she had a great idea that she and I had discussed and it was a hit (at least from the excitement at my end when I returned this weekend.) Robert and Garrett had both been wanting to purchase a gingerbread house kit over Christmas. I explained that I didn't really think that we had the time in our Christmas schedule to make the gingerbread houses and therefore it would be a waste of money. But then Nanny kicked in, she waited to AFTER Christmas and bought the kits at 60-75% off (therefore making them reasonable) and put them into the "when we get the opportunity to make craft." Well Friday night and Saturday were too frigid to go outside and play in the snow, so they set up shop in the kitchen. And you guessed it, they made snow covered gingerbread houses.

Robert's Gingerbread House,
if you look closely on the roof, he added an "S"

The boys had a great time making the houses and were very excited about bringing them home to show me. Garrett just wanted to show me so that he could then start eating it, since Gary had told him he couldn't eat it until I saw it. But they were both excited about their creativeness with their houses. I haven't talked to Nanny about how things went while making them, but they had a blast.

Garrett's Gingerbread House
He was excited about his stop light on the end of the house

The neat part is, they had time to do them well - not hurried as it would have been during Christmas. They had a fun project that they wanted to do, in January and they were on sale so it didn't cost much. So maybe next year we will have Valentine's Day gingerbread houses or maybe just "Snow Day" gingerbread houses, but I'm pretty sure that we won't have it at Christmas time.

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