Thursday, April 25, 2013

Drive-in movie night

Over the last week, my house was busy with painting and cutting and creating Garrett's "Drive-in Movie Vehicle." Each year the Kids Klub at our church (youth group 1st-5th grades) have an evening where everyone brings in a vehicle made from cardboard and they sit in their vehicles and watch a movie. popcorn and drinks are included. Well, this was Garrett's first year to actually get to make his vehicle and take it to the church. In the past Robert was involved with this and Garrett would get to make something and watch a movie at home. So this year was really big to him and so was his plans for his creation. He wanted a loader that articulated and actually worked! Wow what a way to start!
After hours of painting and discussing, taping and bending he was finally happy with what he and I had built. It included a chrome smoke stack, a bend in the middle and front blade instead of a bucket that really moved!  The kids had a great night and once again their creativity was used and they were able to show off their vehicles. 

Garrett showing his friends that the blade lifts

Thanks to Peggy and all that make this a great, fun event for the kids!!!

The only way I knew how to make it articulate

Driver all ready to go!


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Camper Sunday - Children's Sermon

This past Sunday was "Camper Sunday" at our church as we had a speaker in from Wesley Woods Church Camp (where most of our youth go). Well I had the children's sermon. Before I left home I grabbed Robert's tent in it's bag, a ball and a tube of glow sticks.

When it was time for children's sermon, I "drug" the tent to the front and told the woman who heads camping at our church "I'm ready, Karen! I'm ready for Camper Sunday! But I'm confused? When I came in I didn't see any RV's that I know we have in the congregation and no tow-behind campers and the yard wasn't full of tents. What kind of "camper" Sunday was this anyway? Wait he's from Wesley Woods! This isn't camper Sunday it's CAMP Sunday!!!!  Well I get it and boy can I tell you things about camp!  I never went to Wesley Woods, but I did go to church camp and scout camp and 4-H camp. Well to be honest, I spent most of my summers packing and unpacking from camps when I was home. But one of the most important things that I learned while at church camp was a song called "Pass It On" What do you think that means?  Here (and I pulled out my ball) and passed it around. Now make sure everyone gets to pass it. Wasn't that great? We passed the ball along. Is that what it's all about? UMMM no that isn't what this song is about. Let me share the words...

 It only take a spark to get a fire going. And soon all those around can warm up in it's glowing. That's how it is with God's love, once you've experienced it, You want to sing, it's fresh like spring you want to pass it on.
So you see once you receive Christ, you want to share it with EVERYONE!  It's like a fire, you can't contain a fire. And you can't contain Christ either. You have a light that you want to share with everyone. So on this Camp Sunday I want to give each of you a glow stick to remind you that you need to share the light that is inside of you that is Jesus. And that you should "Pass It on."
And we closed in prayer.

Slowing down?

Just when I thought things might slow down just a little bit - the weather turned NICE!! The Maple syrup is done and all the equipment is cleaned and put away. It was a long season this year as we had taps out for almost a month plus I was helped Andrew cook his down too. I cooked over 255 gallons of sap into syrup in my kitchen through March and part of April.

  Robert participated in 4-H in the Mall and received several scholarships for events.
And now we have had BEAUTIFUL weather! The sun has been shining and I should do some yard work. We had a tree cut down in the yard so that needed to be cleaned up. Gary is pruning apple trees (hopefully gets them done before the blossom) and that takes cleaning up. Plus it is now time to start the flower beds. Wait I got a new front porch this March, so there is some landscaping that needs down and extra parts and pieces still need cleaned up from that.
Do I ever get to quit cleaning up something???

Okay, I'm done now - just overwhelmed with "cleaning up"  The daffodils are wonderful this year! Make sure you take time and smell a few or cut a bouquet. Gary brought me in some just the other night:) One of my favorites!