Monday, March 23, 2015

Venango County Fairgrounds winter disaster

The winter was long, hard and clod, not t mention all the snow that came our way. But the snow was dry and powdery until it decided to warm up a little and then rain. The snow acted like a sponge and soaked up the rain making the snow heavier and causing a lot of damage. Towards the beginning of March we received a phone call asking for help shoveling off the buildings at the fairgrounds. So everyone got dressed warm, grabbed their shovels and off we went. This was just the beginning of what is looking like a LOT of time at the fairgrounds between now and August1, 2015!

When we got there we found out that the oldest barn on the grounds had collapsed on top of some items that was stored in the barn. But we spent the evening shoveling the buildings off - ok I didn't the boys did.

The rest of the week I went up and took pictures of them pulling items from the collapsed barn and watched the clean-up begin. You might say it was just a building or just a barn, but lots of people have great memories from that barn. I personally remember tying my first calf to the corner post so that she could get clipped before the show. I remember hanging out with my friends during the fair and playing in the rain- after saving their farm photo from the rain that was blowing through the barn. Sitting and just watching people go by, explaining to fair visitiors what we were doing or showing family how we had done at the show.

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Anyhow it was a bitter sweet good-bye to a barn as the guys worked at burning the remains. Then the news can that the insurance company determined that the hog barn was also unsafe and needed to come down. This one is near and dear to Gary's heart as he put a lot of blood sweat and tears into that barn and now he is helping to tear it down.

And at the board meeting the other night they decided to tear down the Bean Barn (the other dairy barn) because then they could start from scratch and begin with drainage and build some bigger buildings that would all work together. The plan sounds like it will provide a wonderful home for Venango County's 4-Her's and open exhibitors for years, the catch will be getting everything accomplished before August 1, 2015- opening day of this year's fair. So here is to a VERY busy Sumer 2015!