Friday, January 14, 2011

Card organizer

This morning Garrett had several thank you cards laying on the table and we added them to the Card Organizer. Now we have a card ring that we use to keep the cards that the kids like. It is really simple but it works great for those birthday cards or congrats, & thank you's that the kids receive and they don't want to throw away. It is very simple to put together. All you need is a Book ring (ours is 1 1/4"), a paper punch and cards. Put a hole in the corner of the card and then feed onto the book ring and close the ring. This way the kids can keep their cards (for sometime) and they are not all over the house. I have seen the boys looking through these cards on occassion and asking about the people that sent them or they remember that the card came from such and such friend and that it was a favorite from their birthday. Regardless it is an easy way to organize these cards that kids aren't quite ready to get rid of just yet, and it keeps them picked up and neat.

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