Sunday, April 29, 2012

Preparing and Prayer - well worthwhile

Well, everyone is in bed and we manged the weekend just fine. Garrett's surgery went well and he is doing terrific. He is eating soft foods and drinking lots. He is kind of bummed that he doesn't get to go to school this week, but I'm sure we will find fun things to do.

Robert has returned from camping in 30 degree temperatures. He said he had a lot of fun, but wants wool socks as his feet were cold at night. Said that the Boy Scouts cleaned up the Tionesta Dam area and they ended up with 3 dumpsters of trash pick-up. Sounds like they were busy to me.

So at least Garrett's surgery is over and it wasn't raining and cold like they were calling for this weekend for the campers. Now off to tackle this week!

Thursday, April 26, 2012


This evening was a night of preparing kids for things to come. Garrett has surgery in the morning, so we talked about what was going to happen (again) then we got his pj's ready and we added a hospital like tag to his little lion that is going with him. To make an admission hospital tag, take a zip tie and write very small and then attach to any stuffed animal. Our zip tie was green so now Garrett wants to know what color his bracelet will be???

We also prepared Robert for his first Boy Scout camping trip. The weather doesn't look like it will be prime camping weather. Actually it looks like 30's for overnight temperatures and rain on Saturday. So extra socks, rain coat, extra sweatshirt, extra socks, long johns and an extra blanket. As a mom, I know that if he is in the right mind set he will have a great time, or with the wrong mindset, this could make or break camping and scouting for him. So I have put both of the boys into the Lord's hands. Keep them warm, comfortable and safe. I think that will cover both of them for the weekend!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kids Health Website

I recently found this great website for kids asking health questions. Garrett has to have his tonsils removed and tubes put into his ears on Friday. So I am trying to help answer Garrett's questions but I didn't have the knowledge to explain it to him, so I just did a search for these terms and found this website this seems like a great medical website for kids!

This website has a listen feature that then reads the information to you and highlights the words so that the kids can read along. This website makes medical terms simple for a kid to understand and there are diagrams and videos of procedures. There is also games and puzzles like word searches that are specific to the terms or conditions being looked up. This looks like a great kids reference tool and a place to look up information for reports or just about conditions that they may be hearing about. Hope you get a chance to take a look and share it with your kids!

Banana Boats

Last week when the boys came home from school, neither had much homework, but were both hungry. Since the homework load was light, I asked them if they wanted to make their snacks. Both jumped on the idea. So we made microwave banana boats. I gave each a banana and had them slice it part way through from one end to the other. Then they were to put mini marshmellows down the center with pieces of chocolate bar along one side. One of them decided to try butterscotch chips with the mixture too. Then we placed the banana boats in the microwave for about 30 seconds or until the marshmellows begin to get mushy. These were a hit for after school and the boys don't even know that you can make them on a campfire too!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Flowering Cross - book and activity

I stumbled on a great Easter Activity when I purchased the book "The Flowering Cross" by Beth Ryan at a local discount store. This story is about a little girl who befriends the neighbor man and gets him to attend church on Eater with her. At the church they have a flowering cross, where flowers are placed on the cross during the service. The neighbor then goes home and makes a smaller version of this cross for on the Easter table.

The lessons in this book are incredible. First that children can lead others to our Lord. Second, that we are to reach out to our neighbors in love. And third, that on Easter Sunday the cross of Jesus became a living cross.

Now as a kid our church had a cross, that was filled with potted flowers for our "Living Cross." So when I found this story I knew that it was to help remember what I had experienced in my youth. But I hadn't seen the pattern at the end of the book for the tabletop cross. When I got home I found the pattern. Luckily for me, my husband is a wonderful woodworking and he easily made me a couple crosses. I was able to share with 2 other homes this story this year, but I went back and bought a few more book, so I can pass this along to a few others.

But here is what our Flowering Cross looked like this year and hopefully we will get to share this for many years to come and with many others.

New Milk Truck

For those who know my family, you might remember that in 2000, my Dad was in an accident on Interstate -80 and rolled the milk truck. This in turn meant that Dad needed to purchase a new truck. Well, 11 1/2 year later, it is time for him to purchase another truck. The aqua teal pearl coat truck is no more, and Dad is now driving an International, red truck. Dad picked up the truck while we were on our trip to Georgia, so as soon as the boys had an opportunity (Monday - they were still off school) they went to check out the truck and give it their stamp of approval. I had texted Dad to let us know when he was on the way into the farm. Well he said he was on his way, well the boys and I waited and waited, but never heard him pull in. He finally called the house to see if the boys were coming or not. So here is a look at the new truck. It still needs lettering on the door, but at least if you see the red truck coming - you now know that it might be Charlie.

Garrett's missing front teeth

Garrett missing his first tooth
Last week on the first morning of our trip to GA, Garrett was brushing his teeth when whoops -out popped his first tooth. Yes it was wiggly, but he was going to have Aunt Caren pull it out when we got there. (She is relieved that it came out because she confessed that she isn't really into teeth!)  So we had a small container with us just in case it came out. So we found the little bottle and went to breakfast where, a donut was then the downfall of the 2nd loose tooth to come falling out. Garrett lost 2 teeth in less than 20 minutes. Rather impressive! So then the discussion was "Will the tooth fairy find me while we travel?" "Or do I need to keep this until we get home?" Just so you know - the tooth fairy found Garrett at the Lake House that we stayed at and he was quite happy about life.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Trip to Georgia - Easter Break

Haylee with the Easter Egg Hunt
Well, the last week has been a whirlwind, but Catherine and I loaded up the kids and went to see Caren in Georgia. We took 6 days for our trip - 2 to drive down, 2 to spend with Caren and 2 to drive back. We stopped at the New River Gorge for a break, stayed over in NC and made it to Georgia on Tuesday evening. We spent one day at Jacksonville Beach and one day exploring Valdosta State University, seeing where Caren works and what she does. We had the chance to meet friends of Caren's, which was great to finally put faces with the names. And then Caren found a great little place, that had alligators to view outback and then we had some delicious seafood/fish and all got to try alligator tail. Caren hosted an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids and then we had to load back up and head for home. We stopped again in NC overnight and then made it home on Saturday evening. It was a fun trip for such a short visit, but the kids had a great time and we all got to visit Caren!!!!

Warming the Bench at Valdosta State

Andrew shooting baskets

Robert shooting baskets

The younger 2 at the beach

The older 2 at the beach

Watching football strength and conditioning practice

Playing a little soccer at Valdosta

Aunt Caren and the boys!