Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Breakfast

Garrett's Heart pancake
This year's Valentine's breakfast was rushed and became very simple.  Robert was gone and I was leaving for the day, but I wanted to make sure that I still did something special for Garrett and Gary. So pink colored pancakes it was. not just pancakes but heart shaped too. Then when I made Gary's I added some maraschino cherry juice to the batter- those were good!

Indoor Soccer Season begins

Today was the first game of the Indoor Soccer season for Garrett. This will be his 3rd year playing and he is doing pretty well. This year he is on a team with 3 other boys from our Cub Scout den so they work well together. There are 3 others that he is just getting to know. Here's to a great season!!!

Garrett in as Goalie

PA JR Holstein Convention

Robert, Andrew and friends from the Dairy club left on Thursday for State College for the PA JR Holstein Convention. This year Robert was competing in the Dairy Jeopardy contest, the display contest and 3 entries in the photo contest.  Andrew was in the Dairy Jeopardy, and 3 entries in the photo contest I went down for the Jeopardy contest just to see how it was ran and how Robert did. Well Andrew and Robert didn't have to directly compete against each other , but they were in the same age division. Andrew did well, and a couple of questions he would have had if they had asked him to be more specific, but he didn't have a score enough to move on to round 2. Robert's score got him into round 2 but he didn't move on to Final Jeopardy. In the end, Robert placed 6th and I didn't figure out where Andrew placed out of 15 participates. But they both did a good job representing Clarion/Venango/Forest Holstein Club.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sorting with Thomas the Train

The other day, Haylee and I were playing with Thomas and she has been learning her colors and as we played I was able to encourage her to pick out certain colors of engines and practice finding those colors. I would ask for the red train to go to the farm. And for her to take the blue train across the bridge. And she would in turn tell me where to take some of the trains. Before we were done playing we had sorted all of the engines and trucks into color groups, and she was practicing her colors too!!!
Our blue group

Our Red Group

Our Yellow Group

Friday, February 7, 2014

Robert's 13th Birthday

It is official - there is a teenager in my house now. Robert turned 13 a couple of weeks ago. It was a busy weekend and a very snowy weekend so our family gathering was a limited group due to the snow. But we had a fun afternoon and celebrated Robert! His cake was his deer skull that he is having Uncle Brian take care of, but the cake had 13 points.
Gifts- yes the hat and a game

Garrett's Pinewood Derby

 3 of Garrett's Pinewood Derby races - he is number 29.
With all the winter weather that we have been having, we were able to squeeze in the Pinewood Derby a few weeks ago (yes I'm behind) Pack 55 raced 50 Pinewood Derby cars on Saturday morning. Each boy raced 5 races- at the end of those 5 races the winnings were totaled- then we started eliminations, Garrett entered the elimination rounds with a 3-2 record and he won a few more races but in the end, he was not the overall winner- but that was okay. He had a great time making , painting and racing his car. His Duck Dynasty Car complete with camo paint job and Duck Dynasty logos was a winner to him!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentine's Ideas

We are having yet another snow day, but we have things to do. Garrett's teacher was kind enough to send home the Valentine's Day list of students and asked that they make a Valentine's Day Box. Well Garrett has decided to do Duck Dynasty, but I hate putting lots of money into Valentine's Day Cards when we can make them or print them for free- just the paper and ink. A few years ago I posted of a great little website that has free printable so here is the link again to that post

and here is the link to the free greeting card website that has all sorts of characters

 But with any computer and a few graphics you can print your own unique Valentine's and with a little thought into the sayings and what your kids might be into.  We have had John Deere, Firetrucks , now Duck Dynasty- those are just Garrett's.  Snacks and crafts are a completely different thing. But why not try your hand at making your own Valentine's.

Another place that you could use is Wordle. Here you type in words and then they arrange them in fun designs of different sized fonts and colors. Have you kids make a list of words that are used around Valentine's Day, type them in and see what comes up- it's pretty cool.  Here's the site to check out

Click here to see my Valentine's Wordle Wordle: Valentine's

But be creative and have fun!!!!