Thursday, January 6, 2011

Creative Storage

So as the New Year has come so has finding a place for everything. Years ago Gary had some 2 1/2 gallon buckets at the farm that he asked if I had a use for. He brought me one over to work with. That bucket became Robert's matchbox car and toy tractor (small scale) bucket. I have used buckets for several other things, but as a storage area for the kids has been the most popular. I have found that a better place to find buckets than the farm is the local bakery. The bakery's get their icing and fillings in different size buckets, some of them are square, some are short and round, but regardless you can go and pick up a bucket sometimes for free and sometimes for $1.00 depending on the bakery.

This is the dress-up bucket which is storage and a cute little stool!
This year for Christmas, one of my friend's daughter is big enough to receive a bucket. Her bucket is a dress-up bucket.

I have decorated buckets in several ways. Robert's I took plastic spray paint and painted it red. Then I took material that matched his bedroom and decoupaged little cut outs of the material all over the bucket. Finally, I took matching material and made a cushion for on the top of the bucket.

The bucket that I just finished, I decoupaged material all over the bucket, ran a piece of ribbon around the top edge and then added a cushion with a little bit of lace and attached to the lid with a few pieces of Velcro. This makes it storage and a great little seat for her. To make it a dress-up bucket, I filled it with hats, necklaces, and a few little girl dresses that she can play with and pretend with. A great time to find those dress up outfits is right after Halloween, especially if you have boys who want a fireman's outfit or a doctor's outfit!!!!


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