Friday, August 18, 2017

Venango County Fair 2017

Helping a friend prepare his goat
We have all returned from the fair and life is coming back to normal or at least as close to normal as it comes here. Once again the boys had a good year at the Venango County Fair,  but more important than how they did is what they did. They learned that sometimes hard work doesn't always work out for them and that sometimes it does. They learned that setting a goal helps them focus on what they need to do to achieve that goal. They showed good sportsmanship, reached out and helped others, they learned new skills and helped new members through their first year of the fair.

Garrett in his Showmanship Class

Garrett's goat decided they should get sick right before the fair and because of that Garrett did not get to show his goats. But on Monday, he was able to borrow a goat and still show in the Jr. Showmanship contest.  Even with a borrowed animal Garrett ended up as Jr Showman!!! Monday evening he got to pull his lawn tractor. On Tuesday he showed his pig, which with the large number of pigs this year, he did not place, but he received a blue ribbon for showmanship. He also entered his Woodworking project and Small engine project and he received 1st on both of those!  He was able to sell his pig on Thursday night at the Livestock Auction- Thank you Matt Higgins for your support!

Garrett at the Lawn tractor pulls
Hog Show
1st place Small Engine
Watching the hog show

Helping with the Senior Hog Show

Woodworking Project
Best of Show Peppers
Big Blue and Garrett
Now Robert had a busy week, he showed his market goat on Monday where it placed 5th, and he was #2  Sr. Showman. But this worked out that he ended up showing in the Supreme Showman contest when the young lady in #1 decided to represent hogs for showmanship- so Robert got to represent goats in the Supreme contest. Monday evening he pulled his lawn tractor. He didn't show again until Wednesday when he showed his dairy beef. He placed 2nd in showmanship there and 3rd with the beef. He also entered his Small Engine project and placed 1st. Thursday evening he sold his goat "Chrome" - Thank you Deible's Landscaping for your support! Friday was an interesting day with Robert competing in the Master Livestock Showmanship contest- he had to show a beef, sheep, swine and goat. He did very well as we found out on Saturday that he won this contest! But on Friday he also competed in the Supreme Showmanship Contest, where he had to show a beef, sheep, swine, goat, dairy cow, and a horse! This contest is where the 1st place showman of each species competes against each other, Robert was just excited to be included in this contest and maybe he will qualify again next year.
Robert and David in goat Showmanship

Robert in Lawn Tractor pulls
Beef Showmanship
Farm Tractor Pulls on Papa's Farmall Super M
Robert and Chrome on Auction Nihgt
The group of Seniors for Master Showman Contest

Robert "loves" showing hogs

Robert with his horse
And then there is Wyatt! Wyatt enjoyed riding around the fair in the stroller and checking out the animals.  He didn't enter anything yet, but his Curious George quilt was entered and he was very excited when we would walk by it. Soon enough he will be ready to take on the fair, but it will have to be another year!

Can I talk to a camel?

Wyatt's Quilt

Hanging Out at Fair!