Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pudding Parfaits

I remember as a kid loving those little parfait cups that they sell at Kentucky Fried Chicken, but they always seemed expensive, especially if you had purchased the meals already. But recently Garrett has fallen in love with those little parfaits. So he has been making them here at home. Oh so easy and such a great little treat for the little bit of time to make them. Garrett enjoyed making them so much, that he made them for the whole family the other night for dessert, which made him feel very special.

Pudding Parfaits
1 box favorite pudding (Currently chocolate is our favorite)
2 cups milk
whipped cream
cup of some type to layer into

We mix the milk and pudding together in a shaker which Garrett usually likes to jump around while he is shaking it. Let the pudding chill for at least 15 minutes. While it was chilling we got out the little cups and a spoon to scoop the pudding with. Then When the pudding is firm. Begin layering in pudding and whipped cream, we happened to have Reddi Whip, which makes it fun, but regular whipped cream would work too. Layer the pudding and whipped cream until the cups are to the fullness that you desire. We topped ours with a few little sprinkles (for our desserts Garrett topped ours with cherries so let the kids decide) and you have a simple snack or dessert that the kids find cool.


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