Monday, August 29, 2011

First Day of School for both boys!

Well, it has been a whirlwind last 2 weeks since the fair as you can tell since I haven't posted anything. Anyhow today was the BIG day - Garrett started kindergarten and Robert started 5th grade (where does the time go???). Garrett must have been excited as he was up before the alarm. Robert once up got moving quickly and was ready in plenty of time. Garrett on the other hand took all the time he had to get ready. Then 8am rolled around and it was time. Both boys stopped and got their pictures taken and then on the bus they went.

Robert on 1st day of 5th

Garrett all ready for Kindergarten

We are ready!

There they go
 Around 4pm both boys returned with smiles on their faces. Garrett seemed to have had a great day as he was "ready to go back tomorrow!" Robert was a little concerned with changing classes and making sure he understood his class schedule- I think it was the confusing format that caused the concern rather than him actually being worried about finding the class. But it seems overall that the boys have a great start to the 2011-2012 school year. HMMM now which project should I start first?

Garrett is first up the drive and all smiles!
Wow they both made it through the 1st day!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

4-H Fair & Auction

Here are a few pictures from the end of fair and the auction.

Mud happens at fair, especially when you pick on the wrong person!

Frog jumping contest

Venango's Edge tug-of-war team

Robert & McKenna with pig after auctioning it off

Robert & Midnight in the auction ring

Garrett in the pedal tractor pull

Garrett teaching the next generation of pullers! "Here Haylee try this!"

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Venango County Fair

Okay this week has been busy for the first few days, but here is how things have worked out here! Robert received a blue in goat showmanship and in fitting and he placed 2nd in the 4-H market goat and 3rd in Open Market goat class. Garrett, placed 1st in his goat class and he participated in pee wee showmanship on Monday. On Tuesday, Robert entered his hog in the hog show, and he received a blue in showmanship, 1st in 4-H Class and 1st in Open.  The boys also entered many projects in the open and 4-H areas that were not animal related. Robert received 1st in Genealogy, 1st on his Spring Wildlife, 1st on his Wildlife poster, 3rd on his Crank It Up, Small Engines. Garrett received a 3rd on his bracelet, a 3rd on his painted t-shirt, 2nd on his creative flower, 2nd on farm display, 2nd on sunflower, 2nd on his watercolor painting. Honestly, I know that there is more that the boys entered but I can't remember right now.
They are having a great week and a good time!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Childen's Sermon - Be prepared!

As I sat with the kids at church on Sunday, I confessed the following to them....

"Okay this week has been really busy at our house. We have been busy finishing projects because well at our house it is fair time. And the other night as I was working on my quilt trying to get it finished, I was talking to God. I asked him what should I do for children's sermon. And do you know what popped into my head - The Boy Scout Slogan "Be Prepared!" I was like okay what does that have to do with the children's sermon. I am trying to be prepared.  -- Wait kids can you tell me what the word prepared means? (the kids looked at each other and then someone said "to get ready)" Exactly!!!! I need to get ready. So I started thinking about all the things we should get ready for. So what do you get ready for? Vacations? (Yes and I pulled out a tour book), School (Yes - I pulled out a book bag and markers),  At our house, the Fair (out came the fairbook)company ? (Yes) How do you get ready for company? (One little one said "Clean-up!") Do we get ready to go outside in the sun? (Yes and out came the sunscreen and sunglasses). But do you what hit me that I had missed getting ready for?  I have been SO busy, that I haven't taken time to get ready, or Be Prepared, for when Jesus comes back. Hmmm.

How do we get ready for that?  Well we should be reading our Bibles, and praying with God and sharing with others about God. Now Jesus is going to be like the unexpected visitor that just shows up at the door and says" Hey are you ready to go to heaven?"  He tells us so in the Bible, in Luke 12:40 it says "You also must be ready, because the son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him." I hope you will be ready and your answer will be  "Yes" and that you don't answer Jesus with "Hey can you wait just a few minutes to go to heaven, I need to get ready."

So as you are "getting ready" for school or vacation or the many other things that summer offers, don't forget to make sure you take time to "Be Prepared" for Jesus.