Saturday, September 14, 2013

PA Jr. Dairy Show and All American Showmanship Show

Last weekend, we traveled to Harrisburg for Robert to show is red and white Holstein heifer one more time.  okay 2 more times. Robert qualified to take her in July and has been working with her all summer. On Saturday morning into the ring he went and there were 18 other heifer against his. He started out in 5th, but the judge did notice her faults, and she dropped to 9th. But to be in the top 10 in the state in the 4-H program is AWESOME!!!!  More importantly, he received a Master Showman- which is where they are judging his ability to show his animal. 

Sunday morning he entered the ring against 150 other intermediate youth from 14 states, in the All American Jr. Showmanship contest. There were 9 heats in his age bracket and unfortunately he didn't move up to the 2nd round, but he did do a fabulous job - there were just others that did better.

Robert in 9th place

Robert & Endear

Robert and Endear in the showmanship contest

My nephew Andrew also qualified for the state show with his Guernsey heifer. He also showed in both shows. Andrew received 8th place in his 4-H class and then he was in the Jr division on Sunday morning and competed against about 150 other youth. He didn't move up in the heat either, but both boys did a good job and were willing to step up and take on a National Show and that is pretty cool all by itself!

Andrew and Orion

Andrew in the ring for showmanship

Sorting simple colors

I am currently babysitting my niece who is 3 years old. She and I have been doing all sorts of activities together. But today she requested playing a simple game that I had given her 2 weeks ago.  So since she asked for it, I decided to share it here. I have a large jar of glass beads of all different colors. We took 4 plastic cups from the cupboard and assigned a glass bead color to each cup just by laying them in front. Then we took a handful and let her sort those shiny glass beads into the cups. Nothing fancy and nothing expensive, but tons of learning. The hand-eye coordination, the color and shape matching and it was SO simple and quick.

After she had everything sorted we did check each cup to make sure that the colors were all the same. We also counted how many beads were in each cup. Next time maybe we will count and talk about which one has more...  This kept her busy for 10-15 minutes, not bad for no prep time.

Friday, September 13, 2013

50th Anniversary

We had the opportunity to recently celebrate my in-law's 50th wedding anniversary. We had a small gathering at Laura Ann's home in Irwin and family and very close friends were invited. It turned out to be a great afternoon. Brian and Tammy were able to make it for the weekend, much to Ed & Joan's surprise. But our family is so blessed to have that sort of example set before us and for our children to see that marriages really can make it through thick and thin. Hoping that Gary and I might see 50 years, but at this point we'll celebrate our 13 years and each day together!

Happy 50th Ed & Joan!!!

Brian's surprise arrival

Tammy's surprise arrival

Best man, groom, bride and maid of honor (wearing her dress from 1963)
Celebrating 50 years

Monday, September 2, 2013

Threshing Saturday

Saturday morning, my Dad called and said that today was the day! He was so excited, he would be over to get the boys. The Landers Farm was threshing!! This is a family that Dad was raised with and he remembers threshing days and was so excited to share it with the grandsons.  Mom and I went up a little later. For those that don't know- threshing is how they use to harvest the grain crops, but instead of a combine going through the fields, the grain plant had to come to the machine. This involved a lot of people,  several pieces of equipment and lots of hard work and sweat.

First there is the binder that went and tied the bundles of oats and left them in the field to dry.
Then there was the tractor and wagon that went through the field and picked up all the bundles, by forking them onto the wagon

Then the threshing machine is attached to a tractor with a belt drive. This tractor runs the threshing machine. Then you have an other wagon to collect the grain and a pile of straw blows out the other side.
The boys had a great day watching and helping with the threshing day and my Dad got to share something special with the boys! 

First Marching Band Performance

Robert has joined the Keystone Marching Band and he has now marched in 2 parades and his first half time show.  The band marched at Kennywood before school started and then again at the Horsethief Parade at Knox. But Friday night, I got to watch him march in his first field show.  It was so cool to watch him march. He was confident that he knew where he was going!
Horsethief Parade, Knox
First field performance