Sunday, March 14, 2010

Progressive Lunch with the kids

Okay so on this wet, rainy Sunday, we decided to have a little bit of fun and take the boys out to lunch, but we needed it to be quick and we knew that they both wanted Shamrock Shakes from McDonald's before they are gone for another year. (Robert found out last year that sometimes on St. Patrick's day McD's has run out of green shakes and he was quite disappointed.) Anyhow we took the boys on a Progressive Lunch through Clarion. We started at McDonald's and got shakes. Then out around the corner and across the street to Wendy's where we ordered fries. Then we went out towards the mall and went to Arby's and got Roast Beef sandwiches. The boys thought this was cool especially since mom tells them they have to agree on the restuarant when we go out. Plus they had no choice in what they got to eat this time. Gary & I made all the ordering decisions. If it hadn't been for the shakes (which keep going up in price) it wouldn't have been any more expensive than eating at one of those restuarants. And if Gary and I had planned this before leaving for church, I had coupons for a couple of the restuarants here at the house. But if nothing else everyone got to eat at one of the favorite places or at least we got to mix it up a little bit. THank goodness for $1 menus!

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