Sunday, March 14, 2010

Drive - in Movie night

This has been a busy weekend, Robert had soccer on Saturday and today in addition to church he was scheduled to have the Father/Son Cub Scout Bake-off and Drive-in Movie night at our church with the Kids Klub (younger youth group for those who don't know). Unfortunately, due to a change in times for the bake-off he then had to choose which to attend. Robert has choosen to attend the Drive-in Movie night. This is a great event that the Kids Klub leader, Peggy, found for the kids. Each child is to make a car or vehicle of some type out of a cardboard box (or 2 or 3). Well to make it a bit easier, our house actually made 2 cars for this drive-in, even though Garrett isn't old enough yet to attend the movie, he can watch one here at home. The leaders of Kids Klub then mark out parking spots with tape on the floor of the church basement and with snacks and cars in place the kids get to watch a movie in their cars.

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