Monday, March 29, 2010

Egg Stuffer ideas

It seems in our house that at Easter we end up with a lot of candy, which we really do not need. So in the last couple of years, I have tried a few other ideas for things inside of the Easter Eggs. I'm sure that you all have ideas too, but here are a few that the boys really enjoy.
1. money
2. matchbox cars (they fit in the larger eggs)
3. trailmix
4. stickers (cut a few from the page to put in each egg)
5. (This was one I thought was cool but haven't tried) puzzle pieces and they have to find all the eggs to find all of their pieces.
6. gift certificates for an ice cream trip

Just thought I would share some things that I have done and I know they aren't very girl friendly, sorry I don't have girls but I'm sure hair clips fit in eggs and so does jewelry

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