Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kid Made shirts

Garrett just outgrew a shirt that had dinosaurs on it and he was very upset about it. A fun way to keep clothing cheap and creative is to let you children make their own. Yesterday Garrett colored a dinosaur picture and I colored the other one. I then scanned his colored picture into the computer and then printed it out on t-shirt transfer iron-on. (Iron-ons can be purchased at Staples, Wal-mart, etc check the office section) In just under an hour Garrett had a one of a kind t-shirt that was just what he wanted and is a great way to show-off the kid's art work.

For cheap plain t-shirts, that are quality and name brands check out I usually stock up on plain shirt at the beginning of summer. You can order mixed sizes and colors and styles. You can also find plain sweatshirts which are hard to find sometimes as alot of stores insist on having pictures already on their clothing.

So have fun creating one of a kind shirts - the kids will love them and you can save a few bucks!

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