Thursday, March 4, 2010

Our Dr. Seuss Day

On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to go to Keystone and read to 3 of the 3rd grade classes for Dr. Seuss DAy. I read "Oh the Places You Will Go." Following the story, I had extra time so I asked the kids to think of where they might want to go or what they wanted to do when they grow up. It went over very well and the kids have some great goals. I can't wait to see it when they reach their goals. That evening we had green eggs & bacon (okay we didn't have slices of ham, just 2 big hams in the freezer. I made 2 different kinds of eggs, Robert had scrambled and Garrett had fried, but each had green eggs thanks to the food coloring. Robert read to us before supper "Green Eggs & Ham" which was a nice treat. Both of the boys enjoyed the day and the fun that we can have with books.

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