Monday, March 1, 2010

Dr. Seuss Day - tomorrow!

Just some ideas of what might happen tomorrow at my house, I haven't completely decided but we usually celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday. Here are some fun things that we have done in the past.
1. Green eggs and Ham (or bacon) for breakfast or dinner which ever works best for your schedule. I just scramble the eggs and add a couple drops of food coloring before cooking the eggs. I have also made green fried eggs, by leaving the yolk alone and making the white green by carefully swirling green food coloring into the white with a knife while it was cooking.
2. Read as many Dr. Seuss books that day as you own!
3. Make a tall red and white striped hat from construction paper and a stapler.
4. Make gak or obleeck. I'll post my recipe later today!
5. Have the kids try to talk in rhymes or to write a crazy poem with nonsense words included!
6. Try to memorize a Dr. Seuss book and watch in amazement when you start the story in the store or in the car and your kids are like -"Where is the book" How do you know that story?"

Have fun and enjoy reading with Dr. Seuss!

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