Thursday, March 4, 2010

Maple Syrup Season!

Okay spring isn't here, but it is certainly getting closer as it is Maple Syrup Season at our house and in the area. We spent this evening getting our buckets ready and the taps and the tubing. Then we had time to tap the first 6 trees. We are very fortunate that Ron & Marlys allow us to use their trees down in the woods and in their front and back yards. Last year we didn't make syrup, so Garrett doesn't seem to remember doing this before, but he caught on rather quickly and we have quiet the tapping team. Robert felt that he was big enough to move up on the ranks of jobs and he did part of the drilling this year, while Garrett operated the hammer. Now we will see how long the weather cooperates for our sap run this year. (Check out the picture of Garrett - his tongue is out just a bit, must have been concentrating)

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