Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Love Buds

With it being the beginning of the "Love Month," I decided that this year, I would try to remind my boys how much I love them and what about them I love. I had picked up a package of heart post0its a few weeks ago when I saw them on sale. (At the time I didn't know what I was going to do with them, but they were cute!) This came to me today as I was outside on a beautiful February day looking for the first signs of spring - yes I actually have snowdrops up and daffodils poking their heads through the ground.  I came in and found the construction paper and quickly cut out 2 trees, each out of just 1 piece of paper. Simple cut the main part of the trunk and then using the scrapes I cut and taped branches onto my trees. With a black marker, I added some quick lines to make it look like bark. Then upstairs to the bulletin board where we do fun things on. I put up some blue sky and then placed my 2 trees. In the next month they will start to have beautiful "love buds" of pink and white hearts with a little message for each of the boys.
Our "Love Bud" trees

It is so important to remind our kids that we do love them and that no matter what they do that may drive us completely crazy - there are a million things that we love about them and wouldn't trade for the world! Let's take this month to remind our kids how much we really do love them. Will you join me in expressing our love to our children? If so, please share your ideas for how you are going to share that love. Is it a note in their lunchboxes, a chocolate kiss on their pillows? But let's love up our kids!

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