Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dr. Seuss Week - Read Across America

Well, this week has definitely been a bit different. Both boys are in school, so how can I help them celebrate Dr. Seuss Week? There is little time for fun and crafts at home. But I am going to squeeze in a few where I can. I have been including Dr Seuss stickers in lunchboxes this week that they need to find while eating. And we have pulled out a few things from past years. One is Garrett's t-shirt. I had coloring pictures from Green Eggs and Ham and a Seuss hat. Garrett colored both pictures for me and then I copied them onto iron on paper and ironed them onto the front and back of a plain t-shirt. Simple enough a custom made Dr. Seuss Shirt. And a lot of fun to make too.

And with the crazy schedules here, we will be having green eggs and ham for Saturday morning breakfast.

I had also found Dr. Seuss fleece a few years back and I made a cute Seuss fleece hat for Robert. Well, Garrett has taken it and now he is wearing it. There are lots of Dr. Seuss fabrics on the market now so have some fun with Seuss!

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