Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Day preparation

Garrett is in kindergarten and we received the list of students in his class to write Valentine's cards too. This is a great way to have him practice his writing. But when I asked what type of valentine's he wanted, he once again stumped me. John Deere or tractor valentine's! He is all excited about it and could I find red tractors for the girls and green ones for the boys? Now I was really stumped! Where would I even find tractor valentine's, let alone different colored tractors? Well I did go looking yesterday and didn't find anything close. So today I decided that maybe we could make our own with my Printshop on the computer and print them off, shouldn't be hard, but let's search the web first.  When I searched the web, I found this great site

 It has all sorts of party decorations, invitations, favor boxes, etc. that can all be printed off and used! And they had John Deere!!!! When I clicked on the John Deere, here are invitations, bookmarks, stickers, writing paper and well I was able to take the bookmarks and add some cute sayings and I currently have John Deere Valentine bookmarks for Garrett's kindergarten class. (upon his approval) But this site has Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, Spiderman, and most importantly here JOHN DEERE!!!!
Garrett maybe hasn't stumped his mom after all!

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