Wednesday, February 8, 2012

School Party treats

Our school has a "nutrition policy" that we can't send in any homemade treats and no treats with sugar in the first 3 ingredients. Well that really limits things for Halloween and Valentine's day and makes it that parents can get creative. 

One year Robert made "gum people" this was an idea from Family Fun Magazine

Another year we made Shrinky Dinks as zipper pulls or pins.

But a couple of other ideas for school acceptable treats

Juice pouches or boxes with it labeled as "You're squirting fun" 

At this point in the year the kids can us a sharpened pencil  - "You are a Sharp one" written on a paper heart with 2 little slits that the pencil can be poked through

Or a cute Valentine's eraser - take double sided tape and tape it to a heart cut out and then write - "There's no mistake Valentine"

These are just a few ideas that might make preparing for a school Valentine's Day party a bit easier!

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