Friday, January 27, 2012

Hasbro game coupons!!!

Hasbro has announced the Hasbro Great Fun and Game event now through the end of Feb. Check out coupon savings and giveaways at  This is a great time of year to pull out a board game for the evening. I have also found that board games are a great way to reinforce skills learned at school. Have you used the scrabble board to practice spelling words? Or Yahtzee to practice adding? For Garrett, we are having trouble with identifying a few numbers so out came an old game Rack-o - in which you have to put numbers in order from 1-60 depending on what cards you are dealt. So out they came. And we have been working on those for a few days and it is amazing the improvement, by just playing games.  For some of the older kids, depending on the subject, let them make their own game.

Have them take a piece of cardboard or large construction paper and draw a game board. They can make spaces to draw question cards or move back spaces. Then they can make the question cards or they can have it that on each turn they read a question and depending on a correct answer, then they can move the number of spaces that are rolled on a dice.  This idea works well for history, social studies, science, math facts, and spelling words.  They are having fun and learning - what a great way to take the stress off of learning and putting the fun back in!

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