Thursday, February 2, 2012

Groundhog Day

Garrett had discussed Groundhog Day yesterday at school and they had made predictions. So this morning, when he got up he wanted to watch for the groundhog on TV. So breakfast was in the living room, no big deal. But after Phil had predicted 6 more weeks of winter. Garrett went running upstairs and came back with his groundhog puppet that we made a few years ago. I was surprised that he even knew where to look for the puppet, but he had the puppet and was checking for shadows all over the house. As he was looking for shadows I quickly pulled together a little groundhog day pin that he could wear to school. Just 2 small scrapes of 2 shades of brown felt. I cut 1 into a square and rounded the top corners so that it would look like the stump. Then I took the darker brown and cut a half oval about the size of my thumb. With a black marker, I added lines to make the stump look like a tree and then I hot glued the groundhog, peeking up from behind the stump. I added 2 googly eyes and a small pin back to the back. It's not a fine piece of art, but was great for a 5 year old who was excited about groundhog day.
 As soon as the glue dried we pinned it on and then out the door Garrett went for school this morning. Sometimes it helps to have a few supplies on hand.

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