Monday, February 1, 2010

Working Together - Children's Sermon

I usually do not have 2 weeks back to back of children's sermon's but I was filling in for a friend, so I will post this week's children's sermon. I hope that you at least are enjoying reading them.
1 Corinthians 12:27 (The Living Bible Translation)
"Now here is what I am trying to say: All of you together are the one body of Christ and each one of you is a seperate and necessary part of it."

Now once I had the children at the front with me, we read the verse above and I asked if anyone played on a team - soccer? football? baseball? One little girl told me that she had gone to see "Magical Kingdom Live" at Clarion University over the weekend and I had the opportunity to see it too. So we talked a minute about the show choir and that they worked as a team, that they didn't just get up there and start dancing. And how did they learn all those dances or how do you learn the plays for a sport and get good? PRACTICE! Did you know that we need to practice being part of God's team? Sometimes when we are on a team, we know what the goal is, but we don't talk about how we are going to get there. Sometimes we decide that we know how to get there. Then I had the kids help me with an activity. First let me explain that our church has 2 main aisles, not a single center aisle. I had the kids all stand facing the congregation and had them hold hands. They had become "One" but they were still individuals. Now the goal is to get the whole line to the back of the church (where I had put a treat for them) the only rule was that they had to hold hands the whole time. If they broke hands, they had to go back to the front and try again. I asked if there were any questions, seeing none, I took a hold of a wee little guys hand at one end and said go. Of course, one side of the line went up 1 aisle while I led one end up the other. Oops, we broke apart, back to the front, lets try again. Once again we went in different directions, but going for the same goal. Then I had the kids stop and think about the goal, it was the same for all of them, but we had a problem we were going in our own directions. We then tried it 1 more time, with all of us working together, and we all walked back 1 aisle and made it to the treat. It's it amzing if we work together but do our part under God's direction what can be accomplished!

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