Sunday, February 21, 2010

Recharge your Batteries - Children's Sermon

For today's children's sermon I took my camera along and had batteries that were about dead and a set that were charged. I had the dead batteries in my camera. I had them set a pose for me and went to take it, only to find that the batteries were dead. Have you ever had a low or dead battery? When my personal battery is low or dead, I get very grumpy, with people, especially with my family. At Christmas time this year I was very tired and worn out and my battery was very low!!! But with normal batteries we throw them out, but with rechargeable batteries we are able to recharge them. Thankfully God has made us with rechargeable batteries and he doesn't throw us out, when we are working for him. I then put in the charged batteries and showed that with charged batteries they are able to do work, just like us. Since Christmas, I have taken time to "hibernate" and I have found a way to recharge my batteries. God says " Be still and know that I am God" I have found that when I am not quite so busy that I have time to listen to God. NOt only have I been recharged but I have had creative ideas about showing God's love again and I am once again excited about God's work through me. Michele Higgins and I have been working on selecting VBS material. Once again we had each looked and found 2 different ones that we thought would be great for VBS. When Michele emailed me the ones that she thought would be our options, I found VBS materials that I hadn't seen, but I was so excited about that not only did I run upstairs at 10:30 (after Gary had been in bed for at least 2 hours) and jump on the bed saying "listen to this" but I was also up until 2 AM because I was SOOOOO excited over the possibilities of what VBS could be this year and how VERY VERY COOL it could be.
SO having taken the time to "Be still" and slow down just a little bit has been very rewarding because God has recharged my battery through time with him, studying his word and through not being distracted by too many other things. So when you are not excited about doing something that you use to be excited about, or when you are just tired take time to "be still" sometimes that can mean just a simple nap and rest other times it means so much more.
Have a great week!

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