Monday, February 15, 2010

Library Mouse

Some have let me know that they liked "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" idea that I shared a couple of week's ago. So today Robert, Garrett and I had a chance to read another book and add an activity. Today's book was "Library Mouse" by Daniel Kirk. We read this cute book about finding the author in you. So following reading the book, I had paper cut and stapled together for the boys to write their own books. Robert went to a friends so we didn't get to finish our books, but for Garrett a simple story using stickers as the pictures for numbers or colors. I will write the color on the page and have him finish with pictures that are that color. Also another one that we are going to work on is the Counting - each page will have a number and the correct number of similar stickers for him to Count. I have done this before and Robert loved reading his books to mom & dad and even his stuffed animals. We still have some of his first books just for the fun of it.

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