Saturday, February 6, 2010

individual servings

The kids love things that come in individual servings, jello and puddings for school especially. Well when Garrett was a baby we had baby food in the plastic rectangle containers with lids. I found that those worked great for a lot of things from Cherrios at church to reusing them for jello made in a large batch and put in the refrigerator and then sent to school to pudding cups. We also found that we like them for putting carmel in when dipping apples or peanutbutter for apples or bananas. But they also have a limited time of use, or sometimes got thrown away because it was easier. I would love to have 25 or 50 more of those litle containers. If anyone has a little one eating baby food and would be able to save some for me, I would appreciate it, unless you are going to use them. But if you plan on throwing them away, please hold on to them for me!

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