Monday, February 8, 2010

National Marriage Week & upcoming Valentine's Day

This is National Marriage Week! Have you celebrated your marriage? With Valentine's Day at the end of this week, try to find small ways to surprise your spouse with little things that they will appreciate. With tight times, the things that are well thought out, but cost nothing, are sometimes the best way of showing your love to your spouse. If you are not married take time to identify a couple who has been an example to you and let them know that you apprecaite them in your life.

Some helpful ideas:
leave post-its around the house or car or office with little love notes on them
-send a loving text or email message
-offer a back rub or full body massage
-have dinner ready for the kids early and put them in bed and have a romatic candle lit dinner for just the 2 of you

For Valentine's Day maybe have your children adopt a widow or widower that they could shower with love. Let those people know that they are still loved as part of this world and that someone stills cares! Random Acts of Kindness usually catch people off guard and they truely appreciate the kindness. Something as simple as homemade cards (remember the heart shaped people?)which is s great activity for the kids and can be used for someone special!

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