Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow Day - plows

Okay the boys are both home again today thanks to yet again another SNOW day. They wanted to be able to pretend that they were moving snow but their toy trucks didn't come with snowplows and they don't use loaders to plow snow. So we needed to make snowplows! After thinking for a little bit I came up with using a toilet paper tube. Cut it in half. Make 2 small holes in the center of the "plow" and feed a rubberband through the holes. We needed to tie a knot in the rubberband or I used a half hitch in the rubberband on the back to hold it in place. We were then able to stretch the rubberbands around the cabs of the trucks and temporarily have snowplows attached. The only problem was that they couldn't push things that were very close to the ground (the plows don't truly touch the ground) so I pulled out the styrofoam packing peanuts and told them that there was their snow. Both boys had fun with "moving" snow today!

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  1. Love them!! I see the Find-It in the background! Have you found the penny yet?