Friday, January 2, 2015

Vintage Handkercheifs turned Tissue Covers

As my in-laws were sorting things, my mother-in-law handed me a bag of vintage handkerchiefs that had been hers - (she knew that I would do something with them). Some of them her mother had added the crochet work around the edges and some she had added the delicate stitches.  After searching the web for a while, I thought that covers for small tissue packets would be nice and something that would be used. But the patterns I was finding online were for large tissues, as seen here,

So I adjusted this idea and folded the handkerchief's a little smaller so that they would fit nicely in a book bag or purse.

The 2 white ones were slightly larger than the blue one, so here is how I folded those handkerchiefs.

Lay handkerchief in front of you looking like a diamond not a square. Then Fold the right point to the center and also the left point to the center( you might need to overlap these points depending on the width.). Have your travel tissues close by to make sure that you have pulled them to the width that you need. (leave it a little bigger than the tissues) Pull the bottom point up towards the center but You will Pull it up til the crocheted edges can be folded forward to make a triangle on the front- it will look like an open envelop. Here I stitched along the bottom point and stitched the folded sides all together. I also stitched 1/4" seam along both sides. Then the top point folds down and makes the double row of ruffles.

On the blue one, there was only fancy stitching on the one corner, so I Started just like the first one by having a diamond, folding in the side points and double checking with my package. Then I folded the bottom point part way up and then folded it  up again to make a straight edge, just like an envelop. I stitched both sides and then had the fancy top just drop down.

It might sound complicated, but take a handkerchief and start folding- I didn't worry about hidden seams and I didn't cut any of the handkerchief incase someone wanted to use it some day as a whole handkerchief- a few stiches could be removed and little harm has come to it.

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