Saturday, January 31, 2015

Chlidren's Sermon- commercials part 2

As I explained in the last post, I was stuck on commercials for Children's Sermon's for 3 messages. As the children came forward I welcomed them and asked about their week.  Then I asked a little more difficult questions. did they ever feel like people were against them? Did they have enemies? Or had they ever had to deal with a bully? To these, I had a few raise hands or shake their heads yes. Then I asked if they knew what insurance was? They didn't really know. So I explained that insurance was something that adults paid for ahead of time, so that if they were ever in an accident then they would have help paying the repair bill or hospital bills if anyone had gotten hurt.  I asked if they knew that we had insurance that if we accepted Jesus into our hearts that he would help us and defend us from those bullies, but he also would make sure that we were in heaven with him.

Let me explain, you see there has been this commercial playing that once you hear it, it sticks in your head for HOURS. (to this I hummed the Nationwide jiggle- you can watch the commercial I was referring to below:)
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

The funny part is that when I started humming it- the kids joined in! They knew the jiggle. So I asked how was on their side? Nationwide - one answered. Yes according to this commercial they are, but who is always on YOUR side? He will never let you down- no matter what?   Jesus- I finally got as an answer.  Yes! So instead of 'Nationwide is on Your Side"  - the next time you hear this commercial- I want you to think this "God is for us Who's against us?" (Which if you sing it just right does fit into the jiggle.)
State Farm Insurance
But we have a State Farm Insurance Salesman in our congregation, so I added that just because one insurance company is reminding us that "God is For US"- there is another thing to remember. "Like a Good Neighbor, God is Always there."(sung to the State Farm jiggle)

With this we closed in prayer and as they returned to their seats, I hummed the Nationwide Jiggle!

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