Saturday, January 31, 2015

Children's Sermon - Commercials part 3- Eat n Park


This is the finally  Children's Sermon that I've used commercials. This is one that is meant more for the Christmas season and could be used independently.  As the children came forward, I made sure that they could see the screen ( I don't use it very often so this was a little different for me). Anyhow I asked them to watch this commercial for me. And we showed them the Eat 'N Park Christmas Tree Commercial. (You can watch it below)

When it was done, I said you know that reminds me of Jesus. To which they gave me this weird look (which I expected)  Let me explain- The little star is each one of us. We try and try to have a good life and do everything right, but we never make it to the top- to what we truly can be. But you see the tree is like Jesus, and Jesus bent down to earth to lift each one of us up out of our sins. When we accept his help, he changes us- he fills us with light that we can't help but let shine. Not only do we let it shine, but we also share it with others around us. Just like when the tree bends down and picks the star up- it is filled with light and changes color and then it shares it's light with all the little lights on the tree.

This is what we should be doing as Christian's during the Christmas Season- sharing the light of Jesus with everyone around us!

With this we closed in prayer.

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