Friday, January 2, 2015

Vintage Doily Angels

This past October, my in-laws had an auction and we had all been given the opportunity to sort through things that had meaning. Well I had taken some doilies but I just couldn't let my husband's grandmother's handiwork leave the family. I have 2 nieces on that side of the family and 2 sister-in-laws that I thought would appreciate them the most- if only I could find something unique to do with them.  As I Searched Pinterest I found this beautiful picture and knew that it is what I wanted to make out of the doilies. Here are the directions that the pin was connected to

Once I got to the directions- I was shocked- because it was the actual crocheting pattern and that is something that I don't know how to do and certainly by mid December didn't have time or desire to learn. But this is what I wanted these angels to kind of look like.

So I adjusted and here is what I came up with.

I had a few limits, first I only had a few doilies left to work with and I wanted to make sure that I ended up with 4 angels (I forgot to take a picture of 1 before shipping it).  But if you are interested in the adjusted version here are the directions.

Vintage Doily Angel

1. I washed all the doilies and tried to get any stains out and then air dried them.
2. I had a Styrofoam cone 4-6" tall, that I covered in plastic wrap so it wouldn't stick.
3. I took the larger doilies and used them for the dresses. I soaked them in liquid starch and draped them over the Styrofoam cone.
4. While the dresses were drying, I picked out the wings. These I fan folded in the middle and hand stitched a few stiches to make sure that they would stay folded and pulled together.
5. I soaked the wings in liquid starch and laid them flat until they dried.
6. Once everything was dry and I had pulled the cones out from the inside, I used my hot glue gun and attached a wooden round knob to act as the head, the size depends on the size that looks best with your doilies.
7. I then was able to determine at what height I wanted the wings and I hot glued them onto the body.
8. I finished the angels with small flowers glued around the bottoms and a small cluster near where the hands would be to make that illusion with a small bow.

These was really a simple project, but very meaning full when you know where the doilies came from.


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