Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 Schick Christmas

Well, now that things have settled down a little bit. Here is Christmas at the Schick's. First Garrett set a trap for Santa, which not only was difficult for Santa, but also kept Garrett up most of the night. So come 3:30am,  Gary invited him to go to the barn and help milk. You guessed it, Garrett jumped right up and went to the farm on Christmas Morning. Robert had set his alarm for 5:30am so he could go to the farm and help get chores done, so that Gary would be done for the day. So the sleep was kind of hit and miss or at least interrupted frequently! By 7:30am- all arrived back at the house and were ready to open gifts and have breakfast.  As in the past, we started with stockings and then to what was under the tree. With breakfast somewhere in the middle there. We spent the day, relaxing watching movies and catching up on the sleep that Garrett had made part of the house loose.

That evening we went to my parent's and joined my family for dinner and gift exchanging. My sister, Caren, had made it in for Christmas this year which was nice. Then on the 26th we went and joined Gary's family at his parent's new place and had lunch and exchanged gifts.

It was a great 2 days to remember Christ's birth and share it with family!

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