Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Cub Scout Bears Game for Citizenship and Respect

As we are looking at the Character Connection of Citizenship and Respect, Gary and I were trying to make this discussion more active. When we just have the boys sit and discuss it doesn't seem to sink in as well as when we have them doing something with the information. So tonight , we will be planning a game-
 Citizenship/ Respect True/False
 The boys will need to be in s straight line side by side. This is a true/false game. If the answer is true the boys will step forward. If the answer is false then they will step backwards. I made up 13 situations dealing with making decisions about being a good citizen or being respectful or both. The leader will pull a paper out of a hat or bag, and read it to the boys. The boys will then have to decide if the correct answer is true or false and move in the correct direction. Once the boys have moved from their straight line, we will discuss briefly each situation and what would have corrected the situation in order to be a good citizen or to show respect.
Attached is the situations that I made up, that you can print out, cut apart and use or come up with your own situations for the boys to determine. Have fun!

Citizenship/ Respect True-False Game Situations

I should sit still and wear my hat when the National Anthem is played.

 An Elderly woman is coming out of the Mall; I should open and hold the door for her.

 When my teacher is giving directions, I should talk to my neighbor.

 While watching a parade, I should stand when the United States Flag is presented.

 As part of a colorguard in a flag ceremony, it doesn’t matter if the Flag touches the ground.

 When I am out hiking, I should pick up any litter that I see along the trail.

 When my uncle starts telling his stories about the War that he served in, I should roll my eyes and put in my earbuds.

 Learning about the history of my family and my country should be important to me.

 I should start a fight when my basketball team doesn’t win the championship game.

 When my parents discipline me, I should throw a fit and argue with them.

 When my friend is being bullied, I should walk away and pretend that I didn’t see it happen.

 My parents want to go to a Historical Site for vacation, but I know that I will be bored out of my mind.

My neighbor asks for my help raking leaves and I happily go over and help without being paid.

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