Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fun with Halloween Food!

I was asked to help with a Halloween Party for our 4-H club youth.  I was to prepare a fun dinner for them to enjoy after they helped with the Community Halloween Party. After looking through a couple Halloween cookbooks, and a few websites, I found some fun ideas, to which I adapted some of them. The evening turned out great and everyone had a good time.

Appetizer  - this was basically a veggie tray, but with a few alterations. The broccoli was called "witches warts". The celery, I cut into wide sticks and then cut out an oval in the middle so it looked like 2 bones connected at the top and bottom. These were "moldy bones". And then the carrots, with the help of a paring knife, I notched 2 or 3 times at one end of a baby carrot and then sliced back into the other end of the carrot and inserted an almond sliver. This made "monster toes". This was all on the veggie try with a cauldron of "pus" as the veggie dip.

Then the Boogers on a stick or chip.
recipe: 1 jar cheese dip, 1# hamburger, 1 tsp oregano,  tsp. garlic powder, 1 Tbsp Worcestershire Sauce green food coloring.
Brown burger and drain. Then combine all ingredients and melt together. (I used a small crook pot and it worked great) Once everything is melted together into a nice chip dip, add the green food coloring until the shade you would like. Serve with pretzel rods or nacho chips.

Just a few boogers in my crook pot
This was fun, people truly turned green just looking at this item.

Then there was the Stromboli, that I made look like a mummy by putting cuts into the dough and then added fake flies and spiders crawling out of it.

And finally the eyeballs. These were simple and easy, but a lot of fun. Take mini powdered donuts, lay flat. Using red icing, added the red streaks for the blood shot eyes. Then simply place a pretzel M&M (with the m down) in the center on some icing to hold in place. These were well liked and looked cool too.
You never know how is watching you!

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